SWOMA 2016

November 3-5, 2016: Southwest Orientation and Mobility Association (SWOMA) Annual Conference

16th International Mobility Conference (IMC 16)

June 26-30, 2017: International Orientation and Mobility Conference, Dublin, Ireland

AER Orientation and Mobility Conference, 2017

July 19-22, 2017: AER International Orientation & Mobility Conference, Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, Pittsburgh, PA

July 25-29, 2018: AER International 2018

AER International Conference at Peppermill Resort, Reno, Nevada


SWOMA 2016

SWOMA 2016 Conference logo with stick figure woman holding a cane and a stick figure man with a dog guide boarding a bus with On The Move, 
2016 written on front window, S W O M A on banner of bus, and S W O M A in braille on front of bus.

Complete conference details, including: hotel information, session descriptions with speaker information, link to the registration page, etc. are available on the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) Web page for SWOMA, http://www.tsbvi.edu/swoma-conference-home, or you can jump straight to the registration page from the following link, TSBVI ESCworks Registration for SWOMA, 2016

Here is just a sample of what's in store for 2016...

The conference dates are November 3-5, 2016, and this year's event will occur in Fort Worth, TX at Region 11, Education Service Center (ESC). The SWOMA Conference Planning Committee is working overtime to make this a fabulous learning experience. And, thanks to Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI), all sessions are elegible for ACVREP CEU Credit. Additional details about the conference hotel, registration, optional activities for learning and networking, and the full agenda are coming soon; keep checking back for more information!

Updgrade Program for Trekker Breeze from HumanWare

For everyone who has a Trekker Breeze sitting in a drawer because you were frustrated with the time it took to connect to a satellite or how many times you had to restart or reconnect, etc. it may be time to dust it off and put it back into action.

The TrekkerBreeze+ upgrade is $299, as compared to the full price of $799 for a new Trekker Breeze+. They will take your old device and replace the internal works, including the GPS set, and give you a new battery. I will still continue to use all the other terrific tools on iOS and Android like BlindSquare, Seeing Eye GPS, Ariadne, and Nearby Explorer, but there are some clients/students who need a stand alone device and it is nice to have another tool to share with them.

Happy Traveling!

: )


Looking for ways to improve freedom and independence in various travel environments? Echolocation is great tool to enhance awareness of your surroundings and add a distance sense tool to your box of tricks. As an example check out the video with the link after this paragraph to view a TED presentation by Daniel Kish of World Access for the Blind and how he uses the skill to enhance his own travels.

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LiveBinders O&M Shelf

Orientation and Mobility Resources in LiveBinders

ClickAndGo Wayfinding

Wonderful way to preview your travel with the ability to save route information for locations that have described routes.

Orientation and Mobility page at TSBVI

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired has information, resources, links, and more, that are specifically for Orientation and Mobility.